"I was stimulated mind, body and soul.  In real life we search for ways to squeeze a little fun into our day, but in Guatemala fun was the day."
—Linda Kantner, Guatemala

“A trip like this makes you look at what you have and what you need in a completely different way.”
Lisa Nasby, Guatemala

“This trip was a highlight of my life…. a lifetime goal checked off my list. I made lifelong friends.  It broadened my view beyond my little bubble. It truly changed me forever.”
—Dawn Robbins, Kilimanjaro

“Some of the places we stayed were pretty incredible. We would have never ended up at these places if we had gone to Guatemala on our own.”
Steven KantnerGuatemala

“I came home feeling grateful for everything I have. I would love it if everyone I know would take this trip.”
Sundae NelsonGuatemala

For me what made this excursion so enjoyable was the ‘crew’. It really wouldn’t have been the same without the whole group…. and as diverse as we are, we have the same ‘center’.”
—Dan MaholiasMachu Picchu

"When we first met for orientation, Jodi asked us why we had chosen to take this adventure and I had replied PERSPECTIVE. Perspective on the privilege of our everyday lives, perspective on what’s really important in life, perspective inspired by other cultures, perspective on what we can/cannot do as individuals, and seeing a new perspective when you experience things with new people. This trip delivered big across the board."
—Rachael Marret, Machu Picchu

“The group size was perfect. We were small and nimble enough to travel into the back-alley areas of the country. We were able to walk on tiny roads throughout villages of Rhotia Valley, dance with our guides/porters at a local club, and get to know our leaders and guides on a very personal level.  It was extraordinary.”
Matt Russell, Kilimanjaro

"With being a business owner and being in transition in my personal life, it was great to have an organized experience that made me feel comfortable to travel alone. Traveling in a small group I felt safe, got to do the activities I love, give something back, and I didn’t have to organize who to go with or what to do. We started out as a small group of strangers, but left as friends.”
Meredyth JohnsonGuatemala

“The biggest thing I came away with was to enjoy simplicity. You can live with very little and still be happy. It reaffirmed the ideas of being grateful for what you have and trying to always live in the moment.”
Nathan Worrell, Guatemala

The children’s happiness really stood out to me. It made me realize that happiness really is not dependent on what you have but on your own perspective. Now that I am home, I am noticing all the comforts I have and am more grateful and appreciative of my life here.”
Sara Engesath, Machu Picchu

“One of my highlights was getting to know our guides/porters on the mountain and the kids in Rhotia Valley. Meeting locals really opens your eyes to how good we have it, what we take for granted, and it makes you realize what your priorities should be in life.”
James Schwinghammer, Kilimanjaro

“What a truly amazing experience. As I ease back in to normal life, my eyes are opened to how blessed we are…. to have the means to travel, to be able to give back in some small measure, to know each other in this really connected way, and to be able to buy and eat produce at will….”
Betsy Treinen, Machu Picchu

“Everybody asks what the trip was like, but it’s hard to explain. I just want people to experience it for themselves. My highlight was realizing that we built a home for a family but we as a group gained so much more than we were able to give.”
Kacie WorrellGuatemala

“It makes you feel good to be a tourist when you put your money into the local economy. It opened my eyes to the idea of looking for locally owned and operated hotels and restaurants when I travel by myself. PIF has inspired me.”
Melanie SorensenGuatemala