This kid has the right idea about stepping away from traditional education to find a way of learning that works for you.  As someone who suffered test anxiety and didn't particularly excel in the classroom, it wasn't until I figured out that experiential learning (i.e. experiencing a culture rather than reading about it) was the best way for me to learn and retain the information.  I encourage parents to support their kids in whatever their method may be, and also, to push them out of their comfort zone a little bit.  But most importantly, help them learn the tools for living a happy and healthy adult life.

To Catch a Predator

One cause PIF is trying to help raise awareness for is sex trafficking. Check out the story of “Sweetie,” a make-believe 10-year-old girl from the Philippines. She was invented by the Dutch for the sole purpose of catching sexual predators online. What a novel approach.

Define Necessity

define necessity.png

This is a nice reminder during holiday season to consider what is most important.

Consider sponsoring a family or making a monetary donation to a charity in lieu of gifts to people who “have everything” this year. 

Some of our favorite charities include: International Justice Mission, Kiva and Heifer International.